10 Best OnlyFans Alternatives for Content Creators (Sites Like OnlyFans)

By Amelia Peck

OnlyFans is the most popular and well-known adult creator platform – but it’s not always the best. Many creators want features that OnlyFans doesn’t offer, and that an alternative does.

Maybe you just want to post on a platform that isn’t associated with pornography? Or Maybe you want to be more discreet about your content? And posting on a lesser know platform will let you be more anonymous?

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of high quality subscription-based platforms for creators to monetize any audience with any type of content – nsfw or not. Many of these sprung up after OnlyFans announced they’d be banning sexual content in 2021. Creator’s go scared that they’d lose their income and moved to new platforms (a few of them are listed below).

Top 10 Rankings

  1. πŸ₯‡ Fansly
  2. πŸ₯ˆ LoyalFans
  3. πŸ₯‰ Fanvue
  4. FeetFinder
  5. FansCentro
  6. FanTime
  7. JustForFans
  8. iFans
  9. Unfiltrd
  10. Patreon

1. Fansly

– 2m Creators

Of all the OnlyFans alternatives, Fansly is the closest to offering the exact same experience. It start as a clone afterall when OnlyFans announced they were bannings nsfw content.

Fansly is another creator platform that encourages content creators – including those with adult themes – to build a paying network of subscribers. It features, pricing and general site layout is almost exactly the same as OnlyFans.


  • Users can follow creator accounts for free or subscribe. Creators can target free users by sending content via DMs.
  • Creators can sell the option to remove emojis from photos.
  • Fansly takes 20% of earnings
  • Creators can earn referral bonuses
  • The minimum payout is $20.


  • βœ… Low minimum payouts
  • βœ… Large community
  • βœ… Simple, clean user-interface
  • βœ… Subscription tiers


  • ❌ Less brand recognition than OnlyFans

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2. LoyalFans

LoyalFans is an established adult content site that encourages fans to pay for access to premium content from its creators. While it advertises itself as being open to creators of all types, almost every profile on the site is adult-themed. The site itself was created by people experienced in the adult industry. Loyal Fans is based in Britain, but is international and operated in USD.


  • Profiles can include a logo
  • Creators must upload valid photo IDs, sign an agreement, and have a checkmark for sensitive content
  • Creators can earn from live streaming, subscriptions, video store sales, personal requests through messaging, and a referral program
  • Subscription prices are between $1 to $50
  • The cost for text posts, photo posts, and video posts can be up to $500
  • Creators have such features as video calling, direct messaging, and live broadcasts
  • Creators receive payment twice a month and must reach a minimum threshold of $50 before receiving money. Otherwise, the balance rolls over to the next payment period.


  • βœ… Good features offered
  • βœ… Flexible content policy
  • βœ… Geoblocking


  • ❌ Less brand recognition than OnlyFans
  • ❌ Clunky user-interface

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3. Fanvue

Fanvue is a UK-based content creator site for anyone who wants to sell their content for money. Most of these platforms seem to come from the UK… I wonder why?

It markets itself to all creators, gamers, authors, chefs, athletes – not just adult content creators. They have said that they will never ban adult content from the site – it is a platform β€œfor all creators, now and always”. For this reason many OnlyFans creators moved to Fanvue. It’s also said that they have better customer support and analytics dashboards for creators.


  • Creators can share a promotional video on their profiles which can help convert followers into subscribers more quickly.
  • An earnings calculator can provide an estimate of earnings through Fanvue.
  • Creators can earn money through new subscriptions, recurring subscriptions, tips, paid posts, pay-to-view messages, and custom content.
  • Fanvue takes 15% of earnings for the first 12 months and 20% thereafter.
  • A referral bonus of 5% of any earnings made by the creator who was referred for the lifetime of their income on Fanvue.
  • There must be a minimum of $20 in earnings before payout requests.
  • Super fast verification, unlike Onlyfans which takes over 48 hours.
  • ‘Request a feature’ option, you can request a feature and it could even be available in under 48 hours.


  • βœ… Excellent support
  • βœ… Low payout threshold
  • βœ… 15% of earnings for first year


  • ❌ Less brand recognition than OnlyFans

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4. FeetFinder

– 200k Creators

FeetFinder isn’t a general creator platform or even a platform for nsfw content. It is just for feet content – which is a bigger market than you may be thinkings. Foot fetish is the most common kink and it’s growing in popularity.

Feet content is perhaps the easiest content to make. You can remain anonymous and it’s not necessarily sexual in nature.


  • FeetFinder takes 20% of earnings


  • βœ… Easy to set up
  • βœ… Specific niche community


  • ❌ Not for all creators

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5. FanCentro

FanCentro is another subscriber-based content platform that allows models, sex workers or aspiring content creators to build an audience and start earning big money from their bodies.

It was started in 2017, which is quite old compared to the other platforms which have all sprung up over the past couple of years.


  • No explicit images are allowed in the profile. Still, the description should cover the exact content fans can expect if they subscribe.
  • Creators can customize the subscription plan through β€˜Perks,’ the features creators provide to fans, such as access to social media, your FanCentro Feed, or other custom videos and images.
  • Content creators select the subscription offers for price and duration.
  • Creators can provide a free trial option and discounts.
  • There are seven payment methods; creators can choose the minimum payout amount.
  • There is a 2-week hold on payouts.
  • Creators can promote their accounts on the FanCentro Directory.
  • FanCentro charges a commission of 25% on all earnings.


  • βœ… Customizable subscription plan
  • βœ… Large community
  • βœ… Established and recognized brand


  • ❌ Not just OnlyFans creators
  • ❌ 2 week hold on payouts
  • ❌ 25% commission instead of the usual 20%

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6. FanTime

With FanTime, creators get their own website instead of a hosted account. Creators select their domain and customize their page with their choice of logo and colors. This means you can design a user’s experience to a greater degree on FanTime than with any other OnlyFans alternative.


  • Creators can connect their Twitter accounts to their website page
  • Subscription fees are between $5 and $50
  • Creators are paid 80% of their earnings weekly and FanTime keeps 20%
  • Minimum $20 in earnings before payout requests
  • Creators can contact the designated Copyright Agent for FanTime if they think their material was used without their consent


  • βœ… Customize entire website
  • βœ… Low payout threshold


  • ❌ Not just OnlyFans creators
  • ❌ Higher setup costs

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7. JustForFans

Looking for a more direct competitor to OnlyFans than Patreon? JustForFans might be what you’re looking for.

JustForFans was created by Dominic Ford who is known as one of the most popular homosexual pornography stars in the industry. For this reason, JFF’s fan base is more targeted at the LGBT audience. However, there are straight adult stars, male and female with large (and growing) audiences on the platform.

OnlyFans absolutely permits all genders and orientations too – but JFF has become known specifically for its LGBT content.


  • JustForFans takes 20% of earnings


  • βœ… LGBT community
  • βœ… Wide range of features


  • ❌ Not just OnlyFans creators

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8. iFans

iFans claims that is has “everything our competitors have”, but that they are better for earning more money. It looks quite similar to OnlyFans, but has a few extra features.

One big difference is in discoverability and referrals. While the core subscription model works the same, there are a lot more opportunities to work with other creators, referring subscribers to each other and earning more from those referrals.

iFans pitches itself at being open to all creators, although similar to most other content creator platforms, most creators use the platform to post adult content.


  • Creators keep 80% of their earnings.
  • If a creator sends someone to another creator via a tag, they will receive a commission on any purchases that person makes.
  • β€˜Share for Share’ allows creators to share each other’s audiences through mutual tagging.
  • 5% lifetime referral bonus from other creators they invite to the platform.
  • Minimum $20 in earnings before payout requests.


  • βœ… Great growth tools and features
  • βœ… Lifelong referral bonus
  • βœ… Low payout threshold


  • ❌ Not just OnlyFans creators

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9. Unfiltrd

Unfiltrd is has a lot of extra features that OnlyFans (and other alternatives) don’t.

It’s a familiar UI for most because… it looks like Twitter. By adopting a similar design and features like blue ticks, trending, discover – Unfiltrd is really easy to use.

Unfiltrd could be the ideal solution if you want to start a new creator career on a platform that promises enhanced exclusivity and intimacy.


  • Unfiltrd takes a 15% cut of creator revenue


  • βœ… Lower fees
  • βœ… Familiar user-interface


  • ❌ Not just OnlyFans creators

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10. Patreon

– 210k Creators

Although Patreon is different from a lot of the OnlyFans alternatives on this list, it is still a good option. It limits explicit content – so Patreon is not for adult content. But if that doesn’t apply to you… then Patreon is likely the best option.


  • They take 5% commission on the Lite plan
  • 8-12% commission on the higher plans


  • βœ… Largest brand recognition
  • βœ… Lowest fees


  • ❌ No nsfw content allowed

How to Choose an OnlyFans Alternative

You don’t necessarily just want to jump on the next platform for one specific reason. Consider the follow factors before choosing an OnlyFans alternative:

  • 🚫 Content Restrictions – is your content allowed on the platform? This is the first question you should ask if you make nsfw content
  • % Commission Structure – how much does the platform take out of your earnings? The standard is the list above is 20%, but that doesn’t mean that is fair. Consider other platforms that charge less and leave you with more money in your pocket.
  • 🏟️ Size of Fanbase – how many people know about and already use the platform? You don’t want to have to educate potential subscribers on how to use it and what is does – subscribing to you should be frictionless!
  • πŸ’³ Payment Options – how can your fans pay you? The more payment methods available the higher the conversion rate. Do they take crypto, credit cards, PayPal? And consider how you want to be paid. Do they payout your earnings in a way you want to receive them?
  • πŸ“ž Community & Support – does the platform help you succeed? Do they respond swiftly to your queries and problems? Is there a thriving community of creators trying to help each other grow by sharing tips and advice?
  • 🧰 Platform Features – can you selL PPV on the platform? Send DMs? Schedule content? Look into whether the platform does what you need it to do. There are always new ways of making money from your fanbase being developed – stay up to date!
  • πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ’» User Experience – is the design on the platform attractive and easy-to-use? You want your fans to be on there all the time, right? Well, it will help if it looks good and doesn’t require a whole bunch of mental effort to navigate.

To Sum It Up

OnlyFans is clearly the dominant adult creator platform. But the alternative options could be a great way to generate additional income from your existing revenues OR instead of OnlyFans.

Adult-oriented content creators may like to use a platform built exclusively for that type – OnlyFans was not made specifically for that purpose. And with the potential that OnlyFans might suddenly decide to ban adult content, it’s worth having a backup plan to diversify your income should that happen.

There’s no “best” alternative to OnlyFans. Instead there’s lots of viable OnlyFans alternatives for adult creators to choose from. Most follow the same structure, allowing monthly subscriptions and allowing creators to post content explicit adult content and interact/take payment from fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best OnlyFans alternatives for users (not creators)?

This is very individual and depends on the type of content a user wants to see. If you have a specific interest (like feet), then there are sites that cater to that content specifically (like FeetFinder).

Otherwise, the alternative platform you use will depend mainly on what platform the creator is using – fans follow creators, not platforms. And all these sites essentially do the same thing!