How to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit (2023 Guide)

By Amelia Peck

You have to get your subscribers from somewhere! The BIGGEST OnlyFans creators had a social following before starting OnlyFans. But did you know that MOST successful creators get started with no significant social media following at all?

They simply create their OnlyFans account and then try to promote it.

Social media platforms are still the most effective place to promote your account. Over 99% of OnlyFans creators get their first 1000 subscribers via social media.


With over 430+ million monthly users, Reddit has millions of men and women who can become subscribers to your OnlyFans.

Reddit’s members are mostly men. Most OnlyFans creators (mostly women) are Reddit users and it’s not the first place that pops into their mind for promotion, they usually start promotion on Instagram or TikTok.

Sound like you? Then this guide is written with exactly you in mind. If you’re not a regular Reddit user, there’s some things you’ll need to know to maximize your success and avoid getting banned.

Let’s get into it!

First: a Recap on Reddit

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media platform that many adult content creators overlook. You can post images, video or text as well as comment on others posts, and vote on which posts to push up or down in the feed.

But Reddit isn’t one big gigantic community…

What is a Subreddit?

Reddit is a collection of several communities known a Subreddits. Essentially, every post on the site belongs to one of the Subreddits.

Every Subreddit focuses on a particular niche, like hip-hop music, thai cooking, adult content, etc. For OnlyFans creator, there’s thousands of Subreddits just for your focused niche.

You recognise a subreddit by its prefix. r/ marks a subreddit (for example, r/CelebritySideboob). User accounts are prefixed with u/ (for example, u/social-rise).

Each subreddit has its own members and its own set of rules. These are listed in the “About” section on the right of the Subreddit page. Read them before you post to avoid getting banned!

Rules are enforced by a group of moderators (mods) of a subreddit. If you accidentally (or intentionally) break the rules, the best you can do is read them again the rules, apologise to the mods, and ask for another chance. Don’t argue with the mods, you’ll get nowhere!

Some mods moderate multiple Subreddits, so if you get banned from one… you can get banned from many all at once.

If you want… you can even create your own Subreddit. Name it the same as your Reddit username. It’s another way of building a following (which you will move to OnlyFans later).

What is Karma?

Within Subreddits, members vote on the posts, or comments they like which brings them up or down in the feed. The post with the highest number of upvotes ranks at the top of that Subreddit.

The more upvotes you get, the higher your post will rank and the more chance you have to reach a larger audience. Without any upvotes, your posts will get lost in an abyss of thousands of new posts.

Reddit karma is the total score of your upvotes on the enitre platform – across all Subreddits. Each upvote increases your karma, each downvote decreases it. With a high enough karma score, you get access to exclusive communities and abilities on the platform.

Why Reddit is Best for Promoting OnlyFans

There’s no doubt that Reddits is the best place to promote your OnlyFans because:

  • It’s Anonymous – for those that want to be
  • You Can Post NSFW Content – most social media platforms (like Instagram and TikTok) do not allow you to post adult content. That makes it hard to promote your OnlyFans on these platforms. Reddit has no restrictions on posting adult content in the relevant subreddits. 
  • High Visibility – your post always lands at the top of the “New” feed. If members like your content, their upvotes will push it to the top, increasing your exposure to potential subscribers
  • No Following Needed – it’s about the content but your status
  • Niche Community – people are in the Subreddit looking for exactly what you are posting
  • Easy to Promote – simply include links to your OnlyFans account in your post without fear of being banned

The 7 Steps to Promote on Reddit

Follow these 7 steps below to properly promote your OnlyFans on Reddit:

Step #1: Setup Your Reddit Profile

Go to Reddit and create your account. You’ll probably be posting adult content, so set your Reddit profile to Not Safe For Work (NSFW) after logging in. That will keep you from being banned and give you access to the related Subreddits.

Set your username and display name. Try to have the exact same name as your OnlyFans account – it will be easier for people to find you.

Write a descriptive bio, you can just copy/paste the one you already have on your OnlyFans account. But it should be cheeky, funny, exciting, maybe even tease the viewers. Add a link to your OnlyFans account and some text to tell people why they should. Take some time with this. You want to “entice” them and stand out from the crowd.

Upload a teasing display and cover photo. Prefer to work anonymously? Choose a picture of your body that isn’t too naked but is erotic enough to excited anyone that views it.

Steps #2: Find 10+ NSFW Subreddits

There are thousands of NSFW Subreddits, but you just need a hand full of the best Subreddits to get started. Go and join 10 of them.

PRO TIP: start with Subreddits that have “OnlyFans” in their title. They have many content creators promoting themselves in there… but the members also have very high intent. Many of them are viewing the Subreddit with the intention of subscribing to someone’s OnlyFans account.

Step #3: Get Verified

Not all Subreddits require OnlyFans Verification, but you should do it anyway. The Reddit verification confirms that you are the person in the videos and photos you post. Plus a verification badge makes you look more legitimate and builds trust.

There isn’t a standard verification process because each Subreddit has their own procedures. Most of the time you just have to send a picture to them holding a piece of paper with your Reddit username, the date, and the Subreddit name.

Step #4: Post Promotional Content

Read the guidelines of each Subreddit for before posting.

Upload stimulating content and invite the viewers to see the full content or get in touch with you on your OnlyFans. Remember that you are using Reddit for promotion. Don’t upload full-length videos or give away your best content.

Most OnlyFans creators use Redgifs for posting videos and gifs and just upload images directly.

Don’t forget the hashtags! Reddit users search for content using hashtags. Öook for trending or relevant hashtags (to your niche) and include them in the description of your post. Add at 10+ hashtags to every post.

Step #5: Pin Your Posts

Your pinned posts are the first thing a visitor sees on your profile. You can pin up to 5 posts on your profile. Here are some pinned posts ideas to increase the odds of subscribing:

  • Your OnlyFans Account Link: make a teasing GIF or upload an image of yourself and tell the users to go to your OnlyFans profile to get more. Add a description of what the users will get when they subscribe to you. 
  • Special Discount Offers: share any promotions or discounts you’re offering on your OnlyFans account. 
  • Customer Reviews: add reviews from existing OnlyFans subscribers. It’s best if you can take a screenshot of your DMs – that way they know you didn’t just make it up. Don’t have any reviews? Message subscribers asking for one and offer a discount in return.
  • Links to Your Other Social Media Accounts: pin a post that contains links to all your social media accounts. The more they see you around (on different social media) the better the odds they will subscribe to your eventually.

Step #6: Reply to DMs & Comments

Not everyone who sees your content will buy it. And most subscribers will need to multiple exposures to your content before subscribing. Your DMs will be flooded with messages, comments, offers, pictures, and random “hello”s.

Step #7: Stay Consistent

Consistency is hugely important, so you must follow a strict uploading schedule.

Continue to post in as many subreddits as you can. You can post the same content in multiple Subreddits. But only do this once you’ve tested what works.

Remember: you will not gain subscribers in one day. Consistency and patience are needed! Reddit may seem competitive, but once you find your niche and the right Subreddit… growth will come very fast.

8 Promotion Ideas & Tips

You want to start posting and growing your OnlyFans right away – you’re excited! Well, just don’t get discouraged if your posts don’t go viral on the first day. It takes time to build up karma, a following and to find the right Subreddits for your content.

#1 Post Different Types of Content

You won’t know what works until you try. You can post images, videos, gifs, different poses, different captions etc. Try out different things and record what works best… then do more of that!

#2 Never Promote in the Title (or Comments)

Unless the subreddit says that they allow it. If they don’t – you’ll get banned instantly.

#3 “Hook” Them with Your Title

Ask engaging questions or invoke the fantasy or the viewer. You want to “hook” the viewer to want to know more. Ideally, to NEED to know more. The art of writing titles like this is called copywriting.

#4 Post at the Best Time

Use a tool like LaterForReddit to find the best time to post.

#5 Read the Rules

Sorry to say it again! Find them in the sidebar or sometimes the rules are added as a pinned post. Only submit relevant content to relevant subreddits.

#6 Automate the Process

You’re an OnlyFans creator… you don’t want to spend all of your time on Reddit. Automate and scale your Reddit strategy instead of doing everything manually yourself.

How to Promote via Reddit DMs

Reddit is full of potential subscribers… but many messages will be from time wasters. Your DMs will fill up with pictures, offers, and compliments.

Responding to every comment will be a waste of time. But ignoring all comments means you will be losing out on getting thousands of followers and subscribers.

Pick Some Messages to Respond to!

People love getting a response and it will make you stand out from other creators who mostly ignore their DMs.

Show Your Personality!

Thank people for compliments and always respond to people looking to buy – ignore the rest. Don’t feel need to chat with people more than a quick response. Time is money! If they want to talk more, let them know you’re active on OnlyFans and that you only talk to fans there.

Automated DMs

Reddit scheduling tools like Postpone or Social Rise let you automatically respond to comment and messages. Both are allowed and by Reddit and don’t come with any risk of being banned.

You can create one autoresponder for DMs, and another one for comments.

Most girls just say that they “can’t talk here” and that the user should message them on OnlyFans. Users see through this and know it’s just a way to get them to subscribe to you. Try to be more subtle.

Instead, send them an exclusive private image, or send them a discount code because you appreciated their comment. Make the message seem like it was just for them – not an automated reply.

Use personalization variables in your message. They make your message way more convincing to the receiving user.

For example: instead of your message starting with “Heyyy mate”. It could include the user’s username “Heyy u/DantheMan…”

This helps you build a loyal following that will upvote your posts and help you gain visibility. They are also more likely to check out your OnlyFans.

If you really don’t want to talk, disable your messages instead of ignoring them. You can disable both, chat and direct messages. Write in your bio on your profile that you will respond to messages on your OnlyFans. It’s an incentive for people to subscribe to you.

How to Not Get BANNED

Reddit is not like other social platforms where you just sign-up and start posting content – that will get you banned.

The Basics

You have to do a few things before you can start posting content in most NSFW Subreddits:

  1. After signing up: add a profile picture and add a bio that includes a link to your OnlyFans
  2. Start following lots of NSFW Subreddits: usually a period of time has to pass before you can post in most communities- better to get this wait time started asap!
  3. Read the rules: every Subreddit has its own rules which you MUST follow.
  4. Verify yourself in all the Subreddits: getting verified with OnlyFans is easy and very worth it. In most cases all you have to do is show the mods a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with your Reddit username on it.
  5. Mods will verify you: and you’ll get a “verified” badge on your account for that Subreddit
  6. Post content: now you can easily post content on those Subreddits with less fear of being banned
In NSFW Subreddits, verified users will have a “verified” badge

Self- Promotion vs Active Participation

The most important thing to grasp is the distinction between self-promotion and active participation. All Reddit wants is for you to actively engage in the community instead of simple advertising something.

Here’s how to actively participate:

1. Engage in Discussions: contributions to existing discussions and even start your own. Answer questions, upvote comments, give advice and share your experience to establish yourself as a reliable member of the community.

2. Share Relevant Content: create content, tools or resources that bring value to the community. Share good posts you read, YouTube tutorials, or tools you’ve found that could help others.

3. Foster Relationships: engage with other Reddit users regularly and show interest in their content. This helps build relationships and establishes your presence in the community.

Active participation on Reddit means contributing to the community instead of solely focusing on self-promotion.

Best Subreddits for OnlyFans Promotion

1. 10 Best Subreddits for OnlyFans

This is a weekly updated list of Subreddits that are very open to OnlyFans promotion. Some of them are specifically created to get you noticed and get you subscribers. This page includes a section to help you find the best Subreddit for your niche.

Just starting on OnlyFans? All beginners should post to these communities to easily get their first subscribers

2. The 101 Top Subreddits for OnlyFans Promotion

This list is updated weekly by analyzing the Subreddit growth and trends data. There’s far less competition from other creators and massive growth in the members of these communities. Which means new, engage potential subscribers will see your content everyday.

It’s well worth the investment for the updated list.

3. 1000+ OnlyFans Subreddit List

This list is also updated weekly but includes many different NSFW niches. That’s perfect if you have a certain niche, or are starting in a specific niche to grow faster.

4. Big List of All NSFW Subreddits

The complete list of all the current NSFW communities on Reddit. There’s over 4000!

This list is easily searchable. Which is perfect if you’re a creator with a very specific niche. Chances are there is a Subreddit that is perfect for you, and it’s just one search away. Check it out!

6 Amazing Reddit Tools

Postpone – Multiple Post Scheduler

Do you really want to grow your OnlyFans? And you think Reddit is the place to do it? Then any serious creator will consider using Postpone.

By scheduling your posts to automatically published to thousands of Subreddits every day… at the exact perfect time… you will get an insane amount of exposure for very little cost.

PostPone – the best Reddit post scheduler

LaterForReddit – Best Time to Post on Reddit

Enter the name of a Subreddit and LaterForReddit will give you the best time to post to get maximum engagement. Use this in combination with post scheduling tools like Postpone or Social-Rise.

ViralBoost – Buy Reddit Account With Karma

Sometimes it’s easier to just spend the money to buy the time. On ViralBoost you can buy aged account that already have a certain amount of Reddit karma. You can skip all the time building up your karma!

This will depend on whether or not you actually need the karma. Some Subreddits don’t let you join without a certain amount, and some creators want access to Reddit’s exclusive features – which you need karma for.

Subreddit Stats – Rankings, Trending & Growth

This is the tool that the Top 101 OnlyFans Subreddits uses to gather data. Search any Subreddit and see things like:

  • # of members
  • % monthly growth
  • % weekly growth
  • # of posts per day

A very useful tool for those that are willing to spend their time doing the research.

Redgifs – NSFW Gif Generator

You’ll see a lot of gifs in NSFW Subreddits, most of which are made using Redgifs. It’s really easy to use and that’s why it’s so popular, just upload a video and it turns it into a gif!

The #1 Strategy to Scale Up on Reddit

Our in-house creators have used this Reddit strategy to grow their subscribers by 100x in 2-3 weeks. It requires testing and observing the results of those tests before scaling further.

Any creator willing to learn how to use this promotion tool and invest a small amount of money should use this method.

To Sum It Up

Reddit remains the top place to promote a new (or established) OnlyFans page. It’s hard to image it ever being “saturated” because new niched down Subreddits are created every day. It may actually become easier to promote because you can find an engaged audience quicker.

Every OnlyFans creators should be making use of Reddit. The ones that want to make as much money as fast as possible should really consider using a scheduling and scaling strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are There Promotion Services That Can Promote My OnlyFans for Me?

Yes! Most successful OnlyFans creators do not grow their subscriber base by themselves – they get help! It’s a lot of work creating content and promoting.